Get Ready For 2013!

Hey all! It’s been quit awhile since I’ve posted on here! THere has been lots going on! First off, I got married in June of 2012! Steffi (my wife) and I are so excited to finally be 1 flesh!  I live in Toledo, OH again! And I am looking forward toward putting out a new worship album by summer of 2013!  God has really been teaching me patients in the season that Steffi and I are in. I think so often as songwriters, we are able to create “really cool” songs, yet if a song doesn’t have the pain, and the struggle as a core ingredient, then it ends up turning out flat…..kind of like “levin” that helps bread rise.  SO…2013 for me is a journey of writing 100 songs by April of this year, and picking 10 out of those 100.  I know that this is a lofty task, but I know in my heart that the Lord will be the supplier of every song! He is THAT good, and MORE capable of ANYTHING we could ever think or ask.


Stay Tuned



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